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VALEUR MAGAZINE Fashion Week Special issue no 19


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    VALEUR is the free international fashion and lifestyle magazine, which looks behind the horizon every 3 month. Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, Design, Music, Film and Art related to social aspects, real innovations, top quality as well as amazings presentations are the themes of each issue. Das unabhängige VALEUR MAGAZINE gehört mit ca. 450.000 Lesern pro Ausgabe zu einem der erfolgreichsten Medien der neuen Generation. Mit Liebe zum Detail und einem unverwechselbarem Charakter, wird dem Leser alle 3 Monate kostenfrei fundierter Modejorunalismus und atemberaubende Fotografie geboten. Oberflächlichkeit ist Tabu.

    Fashion Week Berlin Special

    Dear readers,
    it was the same procedure as every season; international fashion brands, young
    and established designers, buyers, agents and other business people came to
    town in January to show and see the collections, creations and innovations of the
    upcoming seasons during the Fashion Week in Berlin. And as usual, people and
    media discussed the question, if Berlin could be already ranked as an international
    fashion metropolis. Especially last month, the Fashion Week Berlin was observed
    precisely by everybody. With the end of the biggest tradeshow for urban and
    street-wear, the Fashion Week was on trial. Of course, also VALEUR was looking
    for answers to questions such as; how many guests will visit the town, the shows
    and the fairs and will we all recognise a development regarding organisation,
    attractiveness and versatility. We were driven by the question, what the guests
    expect from Berlin and if they are able to meet all expectations. Besides all, we
    were focused on the most important question if Berlin has a concept to offer, which
    isn’t just maintaining a position at the global market, but what is powerful and
    sophisticated enough to set international trends. Read our conclusion.
    Marco Kokkot
    Editor in Chief

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    Copyright Videos & Fotos: Medium 1: Dress by: DIMITRI Photo by: Getty Images